The ABC's of Bongo & the Point - "A" is for Art of Coffee

For the last few weeks I've been thinking about writing a little something each week about some of the places we sing. This week I think I'll start at the beginning...with A. Art of Coffee to be exact. Formerly Rockwell's - this little venue has a special place in our hearts because it was the first coffee house we sang at when, about 5 years ago, we started singing with our sweet daughters, Bree and Elfin. It was here that we realized that a lot of people in this area really DID like oldies. Here that Bree got her first real job, and here that we've met some of our very best Lindale friends. It was also here that, one Christmas season, we started getting our first party gigs. Now the girls are on to other things, but we're still here and so is Art of Coffee. Every time I walk in the door I look for Bree's artwork. She may be in California, but her art has remained. Right now she has a Mermaid (I think it might be for sale) hanging somewhere amid the varied mix of homey to very modern art and her "Coffee Cheat Guide" table is usually right up front when you walk through the door. Wendy and Larry have taken the place from good to GREAT and I'd rather have Art of Coffee in Lindale than a dozen Starbucks. Our grandkids love to frequent the Lindale Chess Club here and just about every laptop owner in the area knows that this is the place to sit and sip your beverage, download those updates or great tunes, or do your homework online. So here's to ART OF COFFEE.....the best little coffee house in a dozen counties. Come see us there on Saturdays for lunch.....or just drop by anytime at all. Play some games. Drink some coffee. Eat a yummie sandwich....and enjoy the Lindale experience.

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