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Walk Don't Run 

When I was learning to play guitar in the '60s this was one of the first songs we used to learn. The Ventures were THE guitar instrumental group that everybody else wanted to be. This was one of their biggest hits. And it's still one of the most popular guitar songs around.


The Who's Who Of Jim 'n' Dee Songs 

A few days ago I bought a CD by Johnny Rivers And His L.A. Boogie Band called “Last Boogie In Paris.” It’s a live album recorded in 1974. Boy can this guy rock. I had to see who played on the album. While looking at the credits I noticed that four of the seven band members were guys who have recorded songs written by Dee and I. I Knoooow! How cool. So I went and pulled out some old vinyl, (for those of you too young to remember, that was a form of delivering music way back in the 20th century). Ones with…Read more

Indy Car Racing - A Sport I Care About 

I don't know a lot of people who care about racing as a sport and I'm not going to defend my love of the sport; it's what I grew up with. But for the one or two of you who might like racing, read on. One of the analysts at SpeedTV, Robin Miller, has what he calls, The Open Wheel Mailbag. Fans email him questions and rants. He then chooses some and responds to them online at He has posted some of my emails in the past. Last week I sent him a rave. He responded to me but I don't know if he will…Read more

My Favorite Album of All Time 

I haven’t had a chance to get to the movies for a while so I thought I’d talk about an album instead. The album I’m thinking of is “Odessey and Oracle” by The Zombies. (Yes, I know it looks like I misspelled a word. I know odyssey is misspelled but I didn’t do it. Lead singer Colin Blunstone: “I knew it was spelled wrong, but I thought it was spelled wrong on purpose. The cover was printed by an artist called Terry Quirk. We had a release date and the printing presses were ready to go with the artwork when…Read more

How about posing nude for airport security guards? 

I don't usually rant but this new airport full-body-scan system has my blood boiling. Here's a copy of an email message I sent to the TSA today:
I know that in this day of "Big Brother" the government thinks it has the right to do anything it wants to; all for our own good, of course. But this full body scan system is sick, perverted, and disgusting. Nobody needs to see my wife or daughters "naked" in order to secure an airplane. I will never submit to a full body scan, just on principal. I am 59 years old…Read more

The Blind Side 

Thankfully, the Holiday season is over. For Bongo And the Point it was a hectic time. Much rehearsing and many gigs as well as all the normal Holiday season rush made it very, very busy. We didn't see many movies. We did see "Avatar" but that was about it. There's been plenty already written about "Avatar," so I'll only say it was beautiful, but the story was a rehash of many other sci-fi/fantasy stories I've read; and sci-fi/fantasy is one of my favorite genres. If you don't read much of it, “Avatar” may…Read more

A Christmas Carol 

How many times can one story be told? If it’s “A Christmas Carol” I’ve lost count. But now Jim Carrey stars in yet another version, this one released by The Walt Disney company. What makes this one different? First off is the fact that this one is computer animated. If you saw “The Polar Express” a couple of years ago then you have an idea of the technology used and now you can see how far it has progressed. Quite far, as it turns out. And I think the technology advanced even during the making of this film…Read more

Noble Things 

So when we were at the Hollywood Rose on Thursday, the manager, George Jones, suggested we come back on Friday night to see a film called, “Noble Things.” He said that the producer, Ruben Neubuaer, and the writer/director/star Brett Moses would be there for the Texas Premier and he wanted to introduce us. So Bree and I went back Friday. (Dee couldn’t, as she was judging a music contest in Winsboro Friday night.) Rueben and Brett are great guys and we had a nice talk with them.

Here again is a movie I would…Read more


Last Thursday I wrote that we weren’t going to the movies that night but we finished our vocal practice and were able to go after all. As often happens, because I don’t pay that much attention to entertainment news and don’t see a lot of trailers I was under the wrong impression about what this was going to be. The year 2012 is a year that has significant meaning to many. The Long Count Calendar of the Ancient Mayans ends on Dec 21, 2012. There isn't much information regarding what the Mayans thought would… Read more

Don't Listen To Me - I'm An Idiot! 

This week it looks like we’ll be unable to go to the movies; we’re beginning to rehearse Christmas songs for upcoming concerts during the Holiday season, and that is taking up every spare minute we have together. But, what the hey?

It has come to my attention in the last couple of weeks that some folks aren’t going to see some movies I haven’t particularly liked and are giong to see some of those I have. I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. Don’t listen to me! What do I know? When I wrote my first review I… Read more