9 - Rated PG13Now here's a movie I didn't really have much of an idea about what to expect. I knew Tim Burton had something to do with it and that the animation looked good. But as it turned out "9" was quite a wonderful surprise for me. I haven't really gotten much out of the Sony Animation films I've seen before but this one was easily their best effort though they may have done some other things I haven't seen and would like.

This is not a children's movie like "Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs." I know kids who would love it but I also know kids who would find it too frightening. There are mechanical monsters and scenes that would be too intense for some. The movie is rated PG-13 but don't let Hollywood ratings determine what you let your kids see, (or yourself either), one way or the other. You should know your kids better than anyone. When in doubt see it yourself first. Oftentimes I find movies are not rated the same I would rate them. Sometimes they're rated to high, sometimes to low. In my opinion parents need to be the judge. Don't let your friends, neighbors, or even me, for that matter, tell you what your kids should see. And most certainly don’t trust Hollywood. It’s your responsibility, no one else's. I think, however, I would probably have rated this one PG-13 even though I know some younger kids who could handle it fine.

I'm not is easily impressed with great effects and visuals. Great effects and visuals are fairly common today but I did find myself occasionally distracted by how beautifully this film was done. The way it was "filmed" was at times dazzling. It's a bit dark because of the plot but I found it to be a “miniature epic.” The characters all have numbers instead of names, but 9, 7, 2, and the rest of the main characters are all very small, maybe 7 or 8 inches high.

Like "Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs” which I also saw tonight “9” was a unique movie. I like things that are different. There’s a bit of a mystery about the story; who are these heroes, who are these villains, and what do they have to do with each other? These characters all are alive as soon as we meet them. Elijah wood, Jennifer Connelly, Martin Landau, Christopher Plummer, and the rest have great characters to portray which probably made it easy for them to do such a good job.

These two films are two of my favorite movies that I have seen all year. If you want to get an idea of what I like and how you can begin to compare your opinions to mine so as to know if you want to see or avoid the movies I like here’s a good place to start.

4 and a half Monkeys


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