Don't Listen To Me - I'm An Idiot!

This week it looks like we’ll be unable to go to the movies; we’re beginning to rehearse Christmas songs for upcoming concerts during the Holiday season, and that is taking up every spare minute we have together. But, what the hey?

It has come to my attention in the last couple of weeks that some folks aren’t going to see some movies I haven’t particularly liked and are giong to see some of those I have. I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. Don’t listen to me! What do I know? When I wrote my first review I said that all I was trying to do was give you some insight as to what I like and dislike; that after awhile you could begin to get a feeling for whether you and I have similar tastes. So, once you have seen a good number of the same movies that I have and you begin to compare your tastes to mine then maybe you might feel comfortable allowing my opinions to have some influence on your movie going decisions.

Really, there used to be two guys on TV who would review and rate movies every week. After some months of watching them I figured out which one of them had more similar tastes to mine than the other. It turned out that neither of them had the exact same tastes as me. I admit that it was irritating sometimes to hear them bashing some movie I had just seen and loved, but that was okay. Once I had them figured out, I could usually tell by their reviews which films I might like to see; and more often than not it was the ones they both panned.

Everybody has their own tastes and, contrary to what some critics think, yours one is valid. You like what you like. Why not enjoy it. Now, that’s not to say that we can’t learn more about movies or music; that we can’t learn to appreciate genres and styles we once ignored. Like most art forms, the more you learn the better you can appreciate the good stuff and sift out the bad.

Back in the mid 1980s I went to work in a music store selling guitars and synthesizers. Most of my coworkers were some of the best musicians in town. I began to notice that, regardless of the kind of music they were playing at their gigs, they all seemed to have one thing in common; they all liked jazz. I had never listened to jazz. I began listening to it in the evenings when I went to bed at night. Then I began to try and play some. Oh, boy! Not a chance. I began to see how difficult it was compared to the rock and roll I was used to. So I began to have an ever increasing admiration for the skill of jazz musicians. I didn’t necessarily like all of it. But even what I didn’t like I could appreciate.

So just take what I have to say about movies with the proverbial grain of salt. The same goes for music reviews (which I need to do more of it I can find the time).



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