How about posing nude for airport security guards?

I don't usually rant but this new airport full-body-scan system has my blood boiling. Here's a copy of an email message I sent to the TSA today:

I know that in this day of "Big Brother" the government thinks it has the right to do anything it wants to; all for our own good, of course. But this full body scan system is sick, perverted, and disgusting. Nobody needs to see my wife or daughters "naked" in order to secure an airplane. I will never submit to a full body scan, just on principal. I am 59 years old and it will he a cold day in hell when I let some airport security guard look through my wife's clothes to determine if she might be a terrorist. Have you guys lost your minds? Are you really so ignorant and stupid that the only way you can do your job is to assume that everybody is a terrorist? If you are you are idiots! Are you going to tell me you have to look at all airline passengers naked so that you don't hurt somebody else's feelings by "racial profiling." So you'll embarrass and humiliate everybody else! You people have gone off the deep end. You will forsake all our constitutional rights, all common sense, and all decency so that you don't offend the feelings of a few. If someone of Arab descent can't realize that it is only natural that they might be a suspect then they are at risk as well. I don't say you have any reason to be nasty or rude. But if I was Arabic, and not a terrorist, I would take solace in the fact that real, live people were paying attention and trying to protect everyone, (including me), on the plane. The person who says, "If they are going to suspect me they must suspect everyone," has some sort of personal problem. And the government has no right to take it out on the rest of the population. Deal with it.

I'm sorry, but this full body scan proposal is completely inappropriate and unacceptable. I know it's the easy way out for you, but you are going to have to find another way.

If you would like to give then a piece of your mind you can email them here:

Trying to mellow out,


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