We accidentally went to see “Pandorum” last week. I say accidentally because we didn’t know what kind of movie it was. We knew it was science fiction but we didn’t know that it was really a horror film set in a space ship. It would be better titled “PanGORum.” If we had known what it was going to be we have chosen something else.Pandorum

Now my mother used to say if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all. So it has taken me a few days to think of something nice to say about this movie; it was very well done for what it was. So you may like these kinds of films and will enjoy it. But not if you’re like me. It was well done for what it was, though. But to me it was like a very, very long music video. Lots of close up shots and cutting very quickly from shot to shot making it hard to see what was happening. That’s one thing when you're doing a 4 or 5 minute music video but for a 15 hour long movie, or whatever it was, (actually 108 minutes), it was too much for my poor old brain to follow. So for a genre I don’t like to begin with it required too much thinking. Way too hard to follow.

Aside from Dennis Quaid there were no name actors in this film. Bree remembered Ben Foster from his days at “Flash Forward” on the Disney Channel and he was in a couple of episodes of “My Name Is Earl.” But they seemed to have spent all their money on the sets instead of actors. It had the look of a big budget Hollywood film but from the beginning it also had the look of a European film. When the credits ran it was evident that the movie was shot in Germany.

In the end, this R rated movie will never be in my video library and I could never recommend it to anybody who doesn’t love lots of bloody, gory slashing and killing. For me, I go to the movies to be entertained not grossed out. And I better stop now since I don’t have anything else nice to say about “Pandorum.” Remember, all opinions on this blog are mine and if you learn what I like you'll know how it compares to your tastes and you can decide for yourself what you want to spend your hard earned money on.

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