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Indy Car Racing - A Sport I Care About 

I don't know a lot of people who care about racing as a sport and I'm not going to defend my love of the sport; it's what I grew up with. But for the one or two of you who might like racing, read on. One of the analysts at SpeedTV, Robin Miller, has what he calls, The Open Wheel Mailbag. Fans email him questions and rants. He then chooses some and responds to them online at He has posted some of my emails in the past. Last week I sent him a rave. He responded to me but I don't know if he will…Read more

How about posing nude for airport security guards? 

I don't usually rant but this new airport full-body-scan system has my blood boiling. Here's a copy of an email message I sent to the TSA today:
I know that in this day of "Big Brother" the government thinks it has the right to do anything it wants to; all for our own good, of course. But this full body scan system is sick, perverted, and disgusting. Nobody needs to see my wife or daughters "naked" in order to secure an airplane. I will never submit to a full body scan, just on principal. I am 59 years old…Read more