The Selfish Giant
  • The Selfish Giant
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Three years in the making, "The Selfish Giant" is a rock opera based on a fairy tale by Oscar Wilde. When the Giant comes home after seven years of visiting a Cornish ogre he finds the children have taken to playing in his garden. He chases them away and builds a wall to keep them out. After all, "A Giant's garden is his own."

Come along and see what happens to the Giant and the children in this magnificent story by one of the world's most beloved playwrights.

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Tales Of Altura - Book One - "Grandmother's Heart"
  • Tales Of Altura - Book One - "Grandmother's Heart"
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Something is wrong with Grandmother! But what? And what can the children do? Because they love her, they know they have to try something. They soon realize, however, that to help Grandmother they must save the whole kingdom. And what’s more, they are the only ones who can.

Book One in "The Tales Of Altura."

Written by Jim & Dee Patton.
Cover and Illustrations by Bree Patton

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