From the recording Help Is On the Way

This is another song that Barry McGuire sang, this time on his album, "Lighten Up." This version of ours features Al Perkins on lead guitar and Keith Green is one of the backup singers.


When the mist has rolled in splendor from the beauty of the hills
And the sunlight falls in gladness on the rivers and the rills
We recall our Father's promise in the rainbow of the spray
We shall know each better when the mists have rolled away

Now we’re free from all the sorrow of a sickly saddened heart
And forever we’re together even though we’re far apart
As the shadows bind the darkness so the sun shall free the day
When the shadows have departed and the mist has rolled away

We shall know as we know as we are known
Never more to walk alone
In the dawning of the morning on that bright and happy day
We shall know each other when the mist has rolled away

We shall come with joy and gladness
We shall gather round gather round the throne
Face to face with those who love us we shall know as we are known
And the song of our redemption shall resound through endless day
When we gather in the morning where the mist has rolled away