… to the home of the East Texas duo, Bongo and the Point. Currently, Bongo and the Point is Jim & Dee Patton, although the band has seen many incarnations. Jim & Dee, as Bongo, perform oldies from the late 50's and early 60's almost exclusively when playing live, but are also singer/songwriter types and have gold and platinum albums hanging around the house for songs written in the past and continue to be prolific in the studio. You might just hear one of their originals if you happen to be in the right place at the right time and you can find some of them here on the website. When Bongo and the Point performs people have compared their vocal sound to The Beach Boys, The Bee Gees, The Four Seasons, The Hollies, and The Everly Brothers. So come on in, check out the music and then come on out to see them perform. 

The Selfish Giantavailable right here at bongoandthepoint.com. Normally ships next business day. Also available as a digital download.

Finally got a few photos done. Just proves that we are outstanding in our field. :)

Finally got a few photos done. Just proves that we are outstanding in our field. :)

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We love providing entertainment for car shows. Just last week we had the pleasure again to play for the Crossroads Classic in Lindale TX. This was the 4th time in 5 years we have played at this show and I was starting to wonder if the organizers would be getting tired of us by now, but here's some of the email I just got from Howard which he gave me permission to use.

"Dee, a huge thank you to you and your group for the car show.  Many, many unsolicited laudatory comments.  You are a perfect fit for the kind of show that we want to run and I thank you for being such an integral part of it.

Be sure and book October 14th, 2017 for the 14th Annual Crossroads Classic.
Again, we all thank you for what you have contributed to the enjoyment of our participants and now the Country Fest crowds that swarm over the cars."

"It was a great festival and everyone who was there had a great time. We will definitely use you again!"
Pam Franklin
Mineola Chamber of Commerce
Coordinator of Mineola's May Days Event

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At Home With Jim & Dee (aka Bongo and the Point) 

Here is episode #23 of "At Home With Jim & Dee" Every Tuesday night at 9pm we do a new 30 minute episode of music and other stuff. AND WE ALWAYS DO BONGO SONG (Oldies Covers). We also tell stories, share trivia - you name it. If Tuesdays are bad NO WORRIES - You can watch any time!

Two of the Top 100 Best Accoustic Guitar Players 

Hi Boys and Girls! All has been quiet for a while. We've played a few times for parties and will be at Atria Copeland on the 25th of July, but believe me - have we been busy anyway. Woo... . Just so you know we're still alive and kickin, thought I would post a link and a photo you might enjoy. Here is our friend D.R. Auten, from Southern California and Tommy Emmanuel together. Tommy is rated the #10 best acoustic guitar player in the world and Don Auten is rated at #60. Don is an old friend of ours from before we came to Texas. We also know and have played on the same ticket with Jim Earp, another San Diego fella who ranks in at #98 on this list. In the photo, Tommy is the one holding the guitar and Don is in the blue shirt. If you've never heard Tommy play guitar you are missing it! Here's the link to the rankings.


It's Been A While 

Wednesday is Web Day or Writing Day, whichever is most appropriate. This week it's kinda both. I've been thinking about rekindling the blogging fire lately. Yes, it's been a while. A lot has changed, but really the beat goes on. We are still out there every week, one place or another, playing those oldies and creating memories. Rockwell's, where we first started off as Bongo and the Point is long gone. The Deli in Lindale has changed hands twice in the last couple of years and hasn't been having music since the last owner stepped in. Miss seeing you Deli regulars on Saturdays for lunch. The Italian Cafe is now the Taqueria and it's kind of weird going in there after all the nights we spent singing to Lindale, Mineola and Hideaway folk. Good times past. Tomorrow, we will be at the Senior Expo at Harvey Hall in Tyler, then the next day at Atria Senior Living and Saturday in Mineola for the Mineola Metric Century Bicycle Tour of 2013. We're staying busy and having fun! Good times present. In November we'll be with the folks at the VFW in Mineola and at Gateway Lanes as well. We'll be singing at the Ronald MacDonald House in December. Miss that little Trey so much. But LIFE IS GOOD...now just gotta make sure I live it for both of us so I can have stuff to tell him when I see him. So....you never know....I think I'm gonna take a stab at this bloggy thing again. Hope to see you round. Dee
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