1. Only Help Me

From the recording Help Is On the Way

A cross between Laura Nyro and Todd Rundgren, Jim & Dee Style. I love the feel and message of this song. Must record it again someday.


I believe in love
Though I don’t know why for sure
‘Cause I’ve never seen it
Least I’ve never seen it work
Something deep inside
Says it shouldn’t be this way
So I thought I’d come to You
And see what you would say

And if you’ll tell me what it is I need
Then I would crawl and get it on my knees
And I will be what You want me to be
If You’ll only help me

You are all I want
It’s taken me awhile to say it truthfully
There Is no one else
I have ever known who kept on loving me
I believe, I believe in love
But it’s nothing like I thought it would be

And though I never have seen Your face
I know that no one could ever take Your place
And I will gladly run this race
If You’ll only help me