From the recording Help Is On the Way

Al Perkins came on the scene in the 1970s and has played with The Flying Burrito Brothers, Steven Stills and Manassas, Dan Folgerberg, Roy Orbison, & Bob Dylan, among others. He also produced "Help Is On the Way." Today he is generally known as the greatest dobro player in the world even having a Gibson signature model named after him. On this song he played pedal steel and even sang some of the background vocals. He also, by the way, played lead on another song I'll be putting up in a couple of weeks, "When the Mist Has Rolled Away." So enjoy his wonderful pedal steel work on this tune.


Sailing on a crystal sea that’s turned to ice
Time might just as well stand still for you tonight as you drift
Somewhere in between death and life
Living up to all the light you have

You are not the first to voyage through eagerness
As you hear the calling to holiness you must choose
Living death or His sweet blessedness
Living up to all the life you have

You say that you want to have life
And yet life only comes when you’re willing to die
If you’ll do what is right
Living up to your light
You will wake up to life
By and by, by and by

Don’t think you have made it yet you’ve just begun
There is still a life to live a race to run and to win
Conquer self and you will enter in
Living up to all the light you have
Living up to all the light you have