From the recording "The Selfish Giant"

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Oh, what misery the Giant brings to the children of the village.


He was a very selfish giant
So the children had no place to play
It seemed he only loved the giant
In his lovely garden, lonely he would stay

The children played on the dusty road
But it was rough and full of stones
So they wandered round the garden wall
And they wept for what he had done


The children played on the mountainside
But it was covered with thorns
So they gazed out toward the garden wall
If only he had never come home

Spring didn’t come, Spring did not come
Not to the garden, Spring did not come
Birds didn’t sing, tress did not bloom
Without the children there is nothing but gloom

Everywhere else the country is green
Outside the walls there are flowers to be seen
Up on the hills hear the buzzing of bees
Little lambs play under blossoming trees