From the recording "The Selfish Giant"

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While the Giant's been away the children are thoroughly enjoying his garden.


Flowers like stars in the soft green grass
Fragrant and fragile on the primrose path
Blossoms in Springtime of pink and pearl
Peaches in Summer for boys and girls

Oh, how happy we are here
All the children would say
We could stay here forever after
Oh, how happy we are here today

Deep flowing fountains and rainbow spray
Water that giggles and runs away
Bubbling voices, a tumble of words
Mingled with laughter, the singing of birds


Everyday in the afternoon
Children great and small
To the garden they come running
Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall

Soft cooling breezes on bright red cheeks
Foxes and squirrels play hide and seek
Skipping and jumping and round we go
Rest by the brook as the shadows grow